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There are few drugs that people can get addicted to that have such an adverse effect on a person’s life like heroin can. It is a highly addictive drug and heroin addiction accounted for over 8,000 deaths from overdose in 2013. Heroin addiction treatment in Stamford provides those suffering with the effective tools necessary in overcoming this gripping disease. For the past few years the number of individuals struggling with heroin addiction has continued to rise and unlike some other drug addictions, heroin doesn’t target any specific stereotype. Heroin has taken the lives of A+ students and athletes as well as homeless individuals and successful working adults. Effective heroin addiction treatment must be comprised of multiple therapies which target overcoming not only the physical dependence but also the mental one too. Drug Treatment Centers Stamford has developed a heroin addiction treatment program that includes evidence based successful alternative, traditional, and medical therapies. Contact the heroin addiction treatment experts at (203)883-9243 for a thorough addiction evaluation and caring  personalized drug rehabilitation programs.

Facts about Heroin

Heroin is an illegal drug that is manufactured from the seeds of the poppy plants. Purer forms of heroin come as a whitish powder and this higher-quality heroin is usually smoked or snorted. The brownish powder is a lower grade of the drug and is usually injected with a water solution that has run through cotton in order to attempt to remove impurities. “Black Tar” is a name given for a low grade version of heroin that comes as a sticky tar-like substance. Addiction can occur with just one use – it is that addictive. That, however, can be helped with heroin addiction help in Stamford.

Why is Heroin so addictive?

Research suggests that how a drug enters the body has implications on how easily a person can become addicted. The studies show that when the drug has an instantaneous effect, such as injecting or smoking it, a person is more likely to get addicted.

The brain is a complex organ that is still being understood. Heroin acts on the reward centers of the brain and block pain and discomfort. The result is the person will experience a massive sense of euphoria and pleasure as their reward centers activate. The brain remembers this experience as rewarding and good, leading to cravings for more.

After extended use, the brain will slow down its own production of dopamine and serotonin (drugs that makes a person feel rewarded) and even shutdown some of the receptors to counteract the excessive amounts of the drug in the system. When a person tries to stop using, the imbalance in their brain causes distress and physical withdrawal symptoms which prompts more use.

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Health Risks

The biggest risk of heroin addiction and abuse is an overdose. It may be hard to notice that too much is being taken at one time as things like tolerance can cause a person to need more each time. Additionally, when people mix heroin with other drugs such as cocaine (speed-ball) then the two drugs can quickly lead to an overdose as the heroin and cocaine have opposite effects, balancing each other.

The changes in the brain caused by addiction can create long-term problems. The brain’s white matter may be damaged reducing decision making capabilities. The imbalances in the brain, including hormonal and neuronal imbalance, and can be difficult to treat. Despite that, Stamford heroin detox can help to normalize the brain’s functions.

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