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Stamford Alcohol Detox

Stamford alcohol detox treatment centers can help anyone who is struggling to recover from a drinking problem. When alcohol abusers attempt to quit drinking, their brains react violently -- they no longer have alcohol to prop up neurotransmitter levels with. The brain realizes that it must quickly reestablish levels, its control mechanisms move to... Read More →

Stamford MDMA Addiction Treatment

Stamford MDMA addiction treatment is a new course of rehab that has grown due to the amount of users in the area. MDMA is a popular drug amongst clubbers that produces feelings of confidence, euphoria and empathy. Many users also report a sudden burst of energy which allows them to dance for longer periods. MDMA stands for 3-4 methylenedioxymetham... Read More →

Stamford Addiction Aftercare Programs

Leaving Stamford addiction aftercare programs can be an exciting and stressful prospect. While you're happy to return to the outside world and continue moving forward with your life, it's easy to wonder what potential stressors may come your way when you get there. The first 90 days after rehab can often be the most challenging, but you have made i... Read More →

Stamford Percocet Addiction Treatment

Percocet addiction happens when it is misused for unintended purposes, such as to obtain an intense feeling of euphoria and not as a painkiller. Percocet addiction also happens when someone takes more than prescribed or takes it for longer periods of time than allowed. This type of addiction is treatable by getting help from rehab programs availabl... Read More →

Fentanyl Now On The Streets

Drug Treatment Centers Stamford Fentanyl Fentanyl, a strong opioid, was originally invented to relieve pain and is usually injected into patients before they undergo surgery. However, about 25 to 30 years ago, fentanyl abuse started to become a problem, starting with anesthesiologists, nurses and hospital workers. Once take-home patches were invented, patie... Read More →

Recognizing Addiction Stamford CT

Addiction often begins as the casual use of a substance, but it can quickly escalate into a serious problem. It isn't uncommon for an addict and his or her loved ones to be in denial about the issue, but eventually, the signs become too hard to ignore. Letting yourself see the signs of addiction is essential for helping an addict break free from th... Read More →

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